Sunday, 3 January 2010

Lop hoc 2

Lop hoc 2, originally uploaded by hoavictory2000.

Hoc quan su o Thu Duc

Hoc quan su o Thu Duc, originally uploaded by hoavictory2000.

Lop hoc 1

Lop hoc 1, originally uploaded by hoavictory2000.

Di dia dao Cu Chi

Di dia dao Cu Chi, originally uploaded by hoavictory2000.

Giang sinh 2002 tai nha Binh

Sunday, 2 November 2008

My Son - My Happiness !

It was October 17th, 2007, about 0:30 a.m early in the morning, my wife woke up and felt badly hurts in her under belly. We know that it was the "G" hour. Immediately, I rushed my wife to the hospital. At 9:15 a.m, my wife gave birth to a baby boy, the nurse called me in to declare that it was a baby boy and shown me my son, the fisrt time I saw him and he glanced at me as if he realized me as his dad. I fell so happy and said to myselves that "they are alrright now".
Then, the nurse laid my son into a warming cage (see photo), there my son slept and I just stood and stared at him. I felt loving my wife and my son so much. Thank you god had given me this favour!

Monday, 10 March 2008

Wife at Bao Dai Place

This is a girl from Ben Tre where famous for coconut sweets and cakes. Famous for beautiful girls with long hair. Famous for battle field called Dong Khoi long ago.

I ran into her one day after having her phone numbers from one of my colleague. After several months, we decided to get married. We become husband and wife now. We have one son. He is nearly five months old now.

This picture was taken during our honeymoon Da Lat. There she stays in the mid of the Bao Dai Palace's Garden. She looks so beaufiful! We are having a small happy family now!